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ZASpace Inc is an inclusive community of business, government and academic institutions around the South African National Space Agency and our country’s space assets that will advance the South African geospatial industry.

The convergence of earth observation, space navigation and positioning, and location intelligence is generating massive growth in the geospatial intelligence domain across the world. ZASpace will demystify space for business – developing skills and funding innovation to propel the growth of the sector across the continent.

ZASpace Inc will prioritise innovation-based funding for SMMEs and start-ups by creating opportunities for participation by private equity, venture capital and other funding institutions. This will allow us all to benefit from the opportunities that digital transformation and the 4th industrial revolution offer organisations at every level of our society.

Space technology has reached a point where almost every business can or does use it – often without even knowing it. It’s no longer only relevant to the space industry – all this tech is now part of our everyday business life.

Together we are creating a business ecosystem around SANSA, to make space resources and markets more accessible for all participants.

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