Space Infrastructure Hub: Industry Update

ZASPACE and SANSA held an industry update on the 27th of July 2021 to inform stakeholders of the progress on the Space Infrastructure Hub thus far and the anticipated progress in the future. ZASPACE Chairperson Kamal Ramsingh highlighted the importance of the SIH in sustainable and effective industry growth. “It goes without saying that a successful design and execution of the Space Infrastructure Hub is something that we all want and something that we all see as being critical to the longevity of the sector that we all enjoy so very much,” said Ramsingh.

The meeting went on to discuss the industry’s current state, progress to present, upcoming opportunities, and SANSA’s role in the industry ecosystem.


The Way Forward

The full event recording can be found on our Youtube page, and the relevant presentations can be downloaded HERE.

The next SIH Industry Update is expected to take place in the next quarter. Communications will be made once the date and timing are confirmed.