Demystifying Space for Business

Building our geospatial and space technology readiness.

ZASPACE is the gravitational pull between the private and public sectors in the development of geospatial readiness; bringing collaborations and exciting opportunities toward one another.

By coordinating all of the industry’s efforts and representing the private sector, ZASPACE is the support system for any business that is enthusiastic about becoming involved in the world of space and harnessing the power of space and geospatial technology.

Our Story

ZASPACE started in 2019 with a vision to stimulate growth and transformation of the space industry, making it easier to do business throughout the entire value chain. As the industry body supporting the private sector, we have access to resources and expertise to improve synergies and productive collaboration between sectors. Become a Space Legend and join our Space Transformation Mission.

ZASPACE improves collaboration between public sector institutions like the South African National Space Association (SANSA) and the private sector organisations across the entire space value chain in order to generate better insights and opportunities to grow the private sector and business overall.

Explore the universe of opportunity

Space and geospatial data provide crucial information and insights into disaster management and prevention, business decision making, environmental protection, natural resource management and improved communication structures ! The convergence of Earth observation, space navigation and positioning, and location intelligence is generating massive growth in the geospatial intelligence domain across the world. ZASPACE’s vision is to develop geospatial readiness through collaboration and co-creation, providing access to innovational funding and skills development of the sector, while also increasing synergies and productive collaboration between public and private sectors.

ZASPACE aims to address the problem areas by:

Providing access to local and international programs

Working with educational
institutes and departments to
upskill the youth

Supporting SMMEs and startups
offering exposure, incubation
programs and innovational
funding opportunities

Creating an ecosystem of collaboration between the private and public sector, increasing access to new markets and funding opportunities

Sharing knowledge, encouraging participation and inspiring collaboration through industry events

Being a trusted source of all the
information, events, and candidate partners

Free promotion of your business
in our online directory, increasing your local & global brand exposure

Access to Industry Consultations
and the Space Infrastructure Hub

Space technology has now reached a point where almost every business uses it – often without even knowing it. Therefore, it’s no longer only relevant to the space industry as all this technology is now part of our everyday business life, making things easier and better. Without it, businesses will be left behind.

We are creating a business ecosystem in collaboration with SANSA to make space resources and markets more accessible for all participants, opening up a universe of opportunities and unlimited potential.

The universe is calling – what are you waiting for?

How we are benefiting the industry

No matter where your organisation fits into the ZASPACE eco-system,
you will gain real benefits and growth opportunities. Here’s how:

Space technology companies

Will gain expanded access to potential downstream and upstream users, direct funding for missions, custom payloads.

Traditional space tech users

Can enjoy expanded access to space technology companies, more powerful end-user market access and access to SANSA assets.

Commercial end-users

Will have access to all of this innovation, become part of extended solutions networks, new products and access to SANSA assets.

Skills development in South Africa

Through funding for programmes, employment opportunities, access to skills register as per needs, educational investment and mentorship.

Innovation and funding

Through direct access to SANSA, opportunities for collaboration and IP co-creation, access to international markets, access to niched skills.

The private sector

Will experience improved collaboration with the public sector and find it easier to do business within the space technology sector.

We’re on a mission to demystify space for businesses

The universe is calling

Space holds a world of opportunities, and the purpose of ZASPACE is to stimulate growth in space and geospatial
sectors by helping businesses leverage space and space technology better, putting these opportunities within
reach. This can be done through the development of geospatial readiness and competitiveness through
collaboration, co-creation, providing access to innovational funding and skills development of the sector.

Meet the directors

Kamal Ramsingh

Communication and Stakeholder relationships

Kamal Ramsingh is a self-confessed life servant of IT of which he dedicated nearly three decades of service across multiple sectors. Kamal has occupied executive positions at large multi-national consulting and systems integration firms and advised CIO’s and organisations across East, West, and Southern Africa.

He is a successful African ICT Entrepreneur and continues to express his passion and purpose of capitalising on the envisaged growth in the geospatial intelligence market. Founder and CEO of Geo Intelligence Corp, and chairman of MAPIT (previously TomTom SA) which is at the forefront of digital mapping solutions. MAPIT has established a deep penetration of the geospatial market providing location intelligence to over 2.1 million assets, whilst supporting GeoInt’s focus on providing ground-breaking geospatial products and solutions across multiple sectors.

His passion to grow the African geospatial market saw Kamal lead the formation of ZASPACE – our country’s first industry body representing the space and geospatial sector. Kamal is the Chairperson of ZASPACE and is transforming the geospatial and space sector in collaboration with the South African National Space Association (SANSA).

“This is definitely a special time for our country and sector. Our post pandemic reality has cast a sharp focus on space and location-based assets and how they can be leveraged at times of crisis. These realities also highlighted our lack of readiness (as a country) to adequately leverage these assets.”

Davis Cook

Innovation and SMME Development

Francois Denner


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